Philippina Livitsanou

She was born 1967 in Preveza.

1986-1995: painting Studies at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. Postgraduate studies of painting at the Ecole Nationale Surerieure des Beaux Arts in Paris and 2003-05 in “Digital Formes of Art” at the School of Fine Arts of Athens.
1999-2008: Engravng Studies of the School of Fine Arts of Athens.
Distinctions: 1986-1990 Scholarship, of State Scholarships
1992-1994:1st Scholarships of the Institute of Scholarships, for painting abroad, France.
2002 Competition “2004: Searching for the Olympic Spirit”,work of art sold
1994 “TREMPLIN” Competition Gredit Agricole (FRANCE) and “les Amis des Arts”
2001: ” Competition Bosch of Athens

Personale Exhibitions
1995: Astrolavos GALLERY, Athens.
1999:Agathi GALLERY, Athens. (catalogue)
2001 : Βosch GALLERY, Athens. (catalogue)
2001: Agathi GALLERY, Athens. (catalogue)
2002: Paratiritis GALLERY, Thessaloniki. (catalogue)
2003: Diatopos GALLERY Leukosia Cyprus. (catalogue)
2005: GALLERY 7, Athens. (catalogue)
2007: Diatopos GALLERY Leukosia, Cyprus. (catalogue)
2008: GALLERY 7, Athens. (catalogue)

Choice Croup Exhibitions
1992: Maria Papadopoulou GALLERY, Athens,1993: Foundation Internationale C.I.U.P. Paris,1994: TREMPLIN, Niort, France, 1994:Peintres et sculpters Grecs contemporais en France, Maison de L’Europe, Paris, 1998:Because of un-official settlement, Zaimi 54, Athens , 1999: Calendar 2000 Ios GALLERY, Athens, 2000 Calendar 2001, Ios GALLERY, Athens, 2000:Contemporary Engraving, Ios GALLERY, Athens, A Triennale of Greek Engraving, Pieridis GALLERY, Glyfada, 2001:Month of Plastic Arts, 2001:Art Athina 2003: 6eme Triennale Mondiale D’Estampes Petit Format 2003, Chameliere, France

Her masterpieces are exhibited in private and public collection. Reviews and masterpieces have been published in the press, 2005: Review N. KSidaki KATHIMERINI