Alexandros Issaris

Alexandros Issaris was born in Serres in 1941. He studied architecture at the Polytechnic Schools of Graz and Thessaloniki. He lived in Thessaloniki from 1962 until 1978. In 1978 he settled in Athens. He has translated thirty books from German and English. Furthermore, he is a well-known poet, novelist, essayist, graphic artist and editor.

He has presented his paintings in ten personal exhibitions: Zita Mi, Thessaloniki (1963), the Gallery Nees Morfes, Athens (1981), the Bodo von Langenn Gallery, Berlin (1981), the Herakleion Art Gallery (1982), the Municipal Cultural Centre in Zografou (1983), the Kreonidis Art Gallery, Athens (1993), the Paratiritis Art Gallery (1993), the Skoufa Gallery, Athens (1999), the Irmos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (2000), and at the Gallery 7, Athens (2004 and 2008). He has also taken part in several collective exhibitions.

In 1998 his photographic album Faces of a twenty-year period, with portraits of the period 1968- 1988, came out.

Five monographs have been published on his painting: Alexandros Issaris, text Giorgos Chimonas, Thessaloniki, Tram, 1973, text in Greek as well as in English. Alexandros Issaris: painting 1984- 1992, text by Athina Skina, Athens, Olkos, 1993, text in Greek and in English. Alexandros Issaris: painting 1994-1999, text Antonis Kotidis, Athens, Exantas 1999, Alexandros Issaris: Man and Enigma: painting 1999-2004, text Efthimia Georgiadou-Kountoura, Giannis Bolis, Athens, Exantas, 2004, text also in Greek and in English and Alexandros Issaris: The Young Man of Mozia and other mysteries, text Efthimia Georgiadou-Kountoura, Indiktos, 2008.