Eleni Nikologlou

Eleni Nikologlou was born in Athens. Her involvement with the visual arts from the very earliest years of age was intense and was a key factor in shaping her personality and an internal diode of dialogue and self search.

She was involved in the design, painting, sculpturing, functional prototype marionette, using various mixed techniques. After graduating from the University of Ioannina in 2003 and subsequently from the Psychology Program of the University of Athens in 2006,she parallel develops, almost impulsively, a particularly interest in the art of photography.

She apprenticed by the renowned Greek photographer Mr. Platon Rivellis through seminars of artistic photography at the Benaki Museum. That period of creative acquaintance with the fascinating world of photography, functioned as a catalyst in determining her final selection and shaping her artistic identity.

Eleni Nikologlou is currently working as a professional photographer.