Maria Toxavidi

Maria Toxavidi studied at the “University of Arts and Applied Sciences ” in Hannover, Germany from 1985-199o and she graduated with the highest degree. She has worked with contemporary experimental theater companies (on stage setting and costumes) and the Greek television (on stage setting and commercial spots) and she has done illustrations for the greek and foreign Press. She has conceived and carried out artistic projects for the advertising campaigns of well-known brands.She has done lots of art interventions to several interior spaces in Greece and Germany.

One-Man Shows
2007 “Around the World in 80 seconds”, “7 “Gallery, Athens, Greece
2006 “Beyond.”, The Greek Embassy of W. Africa, Lagos, Nigeria
Transkorp Hilton, Abuja, Nigeria
2004 “Twennty nine and One Tales”, “7” Gallery, Athens, Greece
200 LBK-Kunstkabinett, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany
1995 Tabula Rasa Gallery, Vouliagmeni, Greece

Selected Group Shows
2010 “Tracing Istanbul“, Technopolis, Athens, Greece
“Tracing Istanbul, Greek consultant, Istanbul, Turkey
“Ofthalmofanes”, Technopolis, Athens, Greece
“Departures”, Multiroom Athinais, Athens, Greece
“Inside-Out“, Galeria Miejska, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2009 “Inside Out”, greek & polish artists at the former Public Baths of Patras, Greece
2007 “Unfair”, Athens Imperial Hotel, Athens, Greece
Macedonia Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece
2oo6 “Once Upon a Time was Penelope Delta”, College of Athens, Greece
“Visions ‘06”, Kappatos Gallery, Athens Imperial Hotel, Greece
2005 “In the occasion of Aids”, Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece
“Fusion”, Fashion Week, Zappeion Hall, Athens, Greece
2002 “Women in Art”, Zervas Art Gallery, Patras, Greece
1999 LBK-Kunstkabinnet, Hamburg-Bergedorf, Germany
198 “Avantgarde”, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany