Anni Zavitsanou

Anni Zavitsanou was born in Athens in 1959 and spent her childhood years in the Belgian Congo, the present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo. She studied painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts (1979-1984) with Dimitris Mytaras and Panagiotis Tetsis as her teachers. In 1995, with the supervision of Professor Panagiotis Tetsis she finalized a Masters Degree in Painting with a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation, the subject being the human figure. For 16 years she used to work in the high school education as an art teacher and she quit this position on 2002. That same year she started a degree in engraving at Michalis Arfaras’ workshop at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

For many years now she has been travelling on a regular basis with her husband Fontas Zavitsanos and her works are mainly inspired by her travels.

In October 2006 she participated with 3 artworks in the 7th Triennial in Engraving which was held in Chamalieres, France.
In August 2008 she participated with 4 artworks in the 2nd Triennial EX LIBRIS held in Lefkada.
In October 2008 her work was displayed in an exhibition at the “Gallery 7” with theme TRAVELS.
In June 2009 she participated in a group woodcut exhibition in the exhibition room of Ianos library.
In 2009 participated in an engraving exhibition at the “home of Cyprus”.
In December 2009 she participated in the exhibition called “100 YEARS OF MODERN GREEK ENGRAVING 1909-2009” held in Thessaloniki along with the collection of Giannis Papakonstantinou and the “company of Macedonian studies”.
In August 2009 she participated with one artwork in the exhibition of National gallery “New artworks 1992-2010”.
In October 2010 she participated in a group engraving exhibition at TECHNOCHOROS gallery.
In October 2010 she participated in the Engraving exhibition of A’ engraving workshop of the supreme school of fine arts at the Exhibition room “Technis Gaia”.
In November 2010 she participated in the group engraving exhibition with theme “Engravements” at the exhibition gallery “Ikastikes anazitisis” under the supervision of Gianni Papakonstantinou and Meleti Fikiori.