About Gallery 7

Since our functioning launch in 1983, Gallery 7 has accomplished all its goals. Gallery 7 represents credibility in the field of Visual Arts in Greece. We distinguish ourselves and clarify our choices, always however persisting on the need for pluralism.

From the beginning of the 21st century art has “open” character. Therefore, we choose to support equally traditional painting, photography and video art, trying to pinpoint the quality and agony of the new artistic means and methods of expression. The new generations of artists coexist bearing the same mindset.

Gallery 7 says YES to mature artists with a fresh perspective and YES to all original and radical newcomers who don’t rely on copying old and outdated concepts. In our third decade of existence, we, at Gallery 7, want a stronger pluralism, while pursuing possibilities of collaborations and expansions abroad.

Ekaterini Kanakaki