Maria Vasilaki

She was born in February 1957 in Athens.

Studies: She acquired her aesthetic education studying painting at the School of Fine Arts (1976-1981) with teachers d. Mytaras in the preliminary laboratory and Demosthenes Kokkinidis for the next four years. He also attended the courses of the scenography workshop of Vasilis Vasiliadis and the cycle of theoretical studies. Since 1977 she has presented her work in eight solo and many group exhibitions.    Her works are in private collections in Greece, abroad, the National Gallery. Since 1990 he has been involved in the design of objects and their production diligence in large numbers (recycled aluminum, wood etc). She collaborated and designed objects for the Archaeological Museum shop.

Today she divides her time between Athens and Kea where since 2009 she has transferred her workshop.

The Cycladic nature has been the main theme in painting and constructions for the last ten years. The vegetation with the acetone, Wild Oats, amaranth, eligold, Lupines, Asparathos, ankle, onions, daffodil, thyme, ververides, anemones… Endless list…

These “trivial” plants and their recycling, how they are transformed from season to season in the same year and reproduce themselves every year. They grow, grows, bloom, bear fruit, throw them on the ground, wither and eventually dry up. For a while Only because they are quickly re-entering the perpetual circle