Niki Nikolaidi

Niki Nikolaidi was born, lives and work in Athens.
1965-1968 Doxiadis School, Athens (Graphic Arts)
1972-1974 School of Fine Arts, Frankfurt Am ain (Painting)
1985-2005 Taught at Secondary Education Schools in Athens

1985 “Instances” Kreonidis Gallery, Athens
1989 “Pandoras Box” Galley 7, Athens
1997 “A Propos Borges” Gallery 7, Athens
1999 “Lives of the Saints” Gallery Zoumboulakis, Athens
2003 “Masks” Gallery Periplanisi, Gyfada-Athens
2007 “Romances and Syndromes” Gallery 7, Athens
2009 Gallery Anemos, Kifisia-Athens

1986 “Exhibition for Kalamata” Natinal Gallery, Athens
1986 “Female Artists” Roman Agora, Athens
1987 Gallery Kreonidis, Athens
1996 “Granting Harmony”, Gallery Kreonidis, Athens
1996 “More or Less Square”, Gallery 7, Athens
2000 “2000 Tin Cans” Painting,Sculpture,Multimedia, Athens
2002 “Il Etait Un Petite Navire” Gallery Christina Karella, Psyhico, Athens
2004 “20×20”, Gallery 7, Athens
2005 “Depot Art Project 21×21” Gallery 7, Athens
2008 “Sketching Dionysios Solomos”
1. Moschandreou Museum, Mesolonghi
2. Hellenic Consulate (convent of Sts Cosma and Damian) Venice
3. Arts Centre, Freedm Park, Athens (curator: Iris Kritikou)
2009 “Art Atina” Gallery 7, Athens
2009 “Notes Regarding a Tree” Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Athens (curator: Iris Kritikou)
2010 “Brinies Village, Art in the Farm” (curator: Iris Kritikou)
2010 “Obvious”, Athens Municipality Art Center, (curator: Iris Kritikou)