Pigi Spyratou

Pigi Spyratou was born in 1971 in Athens where she lives and works. She holds a Master in Modern Literature from the University of Bourgogne in Dijon, France and she works in Private Education. She studied Painting and Byzantine Iconography at the Center of Byzantine Iconography of the Metropolis of Piraeus. She attended seminars at the Laboratory of Scenography of M. Chaniotaki and the Center of Psychological Studies. In 2012 she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts from the Laboratory of Painting with the teachers Anastasios Christakis and Ioannis Kodaratos. She also attended the laboratory of Engraving with teachers I. Gourzi and M. Shinas and the laboratory of Scenography with L. Pezanou at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She worked in the field of Scenography at the Athens Festival and the National Opera. Artworks of hers have been acquired by private collections.

Group Exhibitions
2011 – 6th Biennale of Students of the Schools of Fine Arts of Greece.
2012 – “90 postcards from Smyrna, Homage to 90 Years of Destruction”, IANOS Art Gallery, Athens and Thessaloniki.
2013 – “Invisible Troupe”. Artistic approaches to the poetic world of K.P. Kavafis, IANOS Art Gallery, Athens.
2013 – “Homage to Kavafis”, in Cairo, Egypt.
2013 – “Speaking for the Future”, Cultural Center of Athens “Melina”
2013 – “Introduction I: Speaking of the Body”, IANOS Art Gallery, Athens.
2014 – “24 hours”, Gallery “Εικαστικές Αναζητήσεις”, Athens.
2014 – “Invisible Cities”, IANOS Art Gallery, Athens.
2015 – “Μόνον εσέ, Ρωτόκριτε”, An artistic dialogue with the work of Vitsentzou Kornarou, Teloglion Foundation of Art, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Solo Exhibitions
2014 – “To the light”, Zamalek Art Gallery, in Cairo, Egypt.
2015 – “Places of Silence”, Gallery 7, Athens.