Ada Anastasea

Ada Anastasea is a visual artist and performer that lives and works in Athens where she was born. Her first studies were in business administration, in which field she worked for some years. She has completed studies in painting in the Athens SFA in 2012, with Jannis Psychopedis as her tutor, has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patra, Ioannina, Tirana, Skodra, Paris and elsewhere. She was a member of the Athens based art group ex-ils. She co-organized the 1st Kythira Biennale of Contemporary Art under the auspices of the Kythira Municipality and in co-operation with the Pireaus and the Islands Ephorate of Antiquities in July 2016. During the years 2017-19 she participated in the performance group with Anna Tzakou as director, at the Quilombo centro cultural, which in June 2018 performed “is this a story?” In April 2019 the same group performed at Apparat Athen, “Women in a washing machine (file disorder)” site based performance. In June 2019 she showed her work in her studio at 2 Zitrou street, Akropolis with title “The Crypt 2012-19”. In March 2022 she had her first solo show in Gallery7 titled “Our old house still holds erect”.